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We'll be building a great looking landing page, with an optional form to collect customer emails for a waitlist (coming soon)
1. If you haven't already setup your local environment, see the Get Started guide.
2. Replace the contents of your src/routes/+page.svelte with the following:


 1<script lang="ts">
 2	import Footer from '$lib/components/footer.svelte';
 3	import Header from '$lib/components/header.svelte';
 4	import Cta from '$lib/components/landing/cta.svelte';
 5	import Faq from '$lib/components/landing/faq.svelte';
 6	import Features from '$lib/components/landing/features.svelte';
 7	import Hero from '$lib/components/landing/hero.svelte';
 8	import Problem from '$lib/components/landing/problem.svelte';
 9	import Pricing from '$lib/sections/pricing.svelte';
12<Header />
14<main class="flex flex-col items-center justify-center gap-2">
15	<Hero />
16	<Problem />
17	<Features />
18	<Pricing />
19	<Faq />
20	<Cta />
23<Footer />
3. Edit the copy of the components to suit your needs. Each component has tips to help you write copy that sells — see components section (coming soon). Congratulations, you now have a beautiful landing page to show off to the world!
4. Time to deploy! If you need help, check out this deployment tutorial.
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Build something cool? After you've deployed, be sure to send me your website link by email so I can showcase your app on the Just Launch It homepage!