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Tutorials API call

In SvelteKit, we can create API endpoints by creating a +server.ts file in any subdirectory in the src/routes folder. By convention, typically the src/routes/api subdirectory is used for this purpose.

Making fetch requests

To get data from an external API or an API endpoint in your project, you can use the provided fetch function. Thanks to SvelteKit, this will automatically make a credentialed request to your server, as it inherits cookies for the page request.


1	const loadUser = async () => {
2		const res = await fetch('/api/user');
4		return await res.json();
5	}

Protected API routes

Thanks to Svelte server hooks and Lucia, we can automatically protect our endpoints by checking for a valid user session via cookies. Check the user authentication tutorial if you haven't setup Lucia yet.


 1import type { RequestEvent } from '@sveltejs/kit';
 3export async function GET(event: RequestEvent): Promise<Response> {
 4	if (event.locals.user) {
 5		return new Response(JSON.stringify(event.locals.user), {
 6			status: 200,
 7			headers: {
 8				'Content-Type': 'application/json'
 9			}
10		});
11	}
13	return new Response(null, {
14		status: 401
15	});